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Rainy Season and Skin

Rainy Season and Skin

Everybody loves the rain. But the rainy season can cause several skin problems and diseases as the weather condition especially the high humidity percentage can aggravate skin problems. Moreover, this season is favorable for the fungus and bacteria to make infections.
Our skin has six layers and these layers are stretching out to the grave levels of our body. Different types of tissues like fat, blood, muscles establish our skin. Most of the medicines used for skin disease can reach only to the outer part of the skin, these medicines cannot enter the inward side of our skin. Generally, skin diseases need 1 to 2 weeks to be cured. But most of the skin infections are contagious. So, no children can come in touch with the diseased person. In fact, patients need to stay separate for some time to be cured.
Some common infectious diseases are:

1. Heat rashes: This disease is caused in the sweating area. It is common in the warm season and also in the rainy season as the high humidity rate causes more sweating of our body. This disease causes skin pores and chokes.
When it occurs, scratching can infect the area further and make rashes. If the rashes cannot break out, then this will be cured in a couple of days. The patients should use the calamine lotion to lessen itching. Clothing of the patient should be cotton or linen.

2. Psoriasis: Several red patches can be seen on the skin. The Aloe-Vera paste can be used as a medication for this type of skin disease. Anti-bacterial soap and face wash should be used. Talcum powder can be used to keep the affected are dry. As a home remedy, a mixture of milk rose water and gram flour can be used.

3. Foot infection: Wet shoes cause foot infection and this can be painful. In this case, we should use open slippers instead of covered shoes even we should not use the plastic shoes. Keeping feet clean and dry is the best measure to be cured of this.

4. Nail infection: Nails are in more risk for bacterial infection or fungal infection in the rainy season. For remaining wet, nails can be discolored, dull and brittle. Keeping the nails short in this season is good as they can attract the mucks more. The anti-fungal lotion or cream can cure the infection within a couple of days.
However, we can drench several times in the rainy season and so, if we cannot be dried up quickly, we can get caught by fungus infection easily. So, become cautious is the wisest choice for people of every age.
Some preventive measures, we should take in the rainy season are:

1. At first, we have to try not to be drenched. If drenched, we should be dried up as quickly as possible. We can carry an extra dress and socks if we get out of the home for a long period of time. But instead of wearing socks, open sandals are good to use.
2. In this season, using the antibiotic soaps especially for oily skins is a wise idea.
3. Anti-fungal or anti-bacterial soap can be used in underarms and legs.
4. Before and after cooking hands need to be washed properly.
5. Taking bath for twice a day will clean the skin and protect from the infection of bacteria.
6. Eating fruits like banana, tomato, cucumber, guava, carrot, grapefruit can help to nourish the skin.
7. If any types of skin disease create itching sensation, then the doctor’s help need to be taken quickly.

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