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Use our AI tool to learn about various skin problems.
Option to consult a Dermatologist (charges apply).

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Note: You cannot detect skin cancers or cancerous lesions using Tibot.You cannot use Tibot to determine the next course of actions for skin lesions.

Learn about different skin problems with our free AI tool and skin consultation online

If you or your loved one has a problem on the skin which is concerning you, it is now easy to learn about the condition in minutes without having to wait.

Our AI technology is built using latest deep learning technologies, we provide a comprehensive Wiki which provides information like pictures, symptoms and treatment option for different skin problems. You can also connect with a skin care specialist for a diagnosis.

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Consult with Dermatologist

Consult with Dermatologist

Option to consult with an expert Dermatologists who evaulate your skin problems and provide advice on recommended course of action. Reach our dermatologist here

Tibot's Urgency Index

TUI (Tibot's Urgency Index)

Tibot categorizes various dermatological conditions in terms of criticality and importance metrics in its Wiki. This information help you to learn what different skin conditions are and seek help.

Track major skin conditions

Track major skin conditions

Tibot tracks the most common skin conditions at 2 levels, 12 high-level and 90 low-level conditions. Check the list of skin problems tracked by tibot here

Free Dermatology Assessment

Free AI Dermatology Tool

Use our free skin tool built using latest Artificial Intelligence technology to learn about skin problems completely free. Use the comprehensive information in our Wiki compiled by medical experts to get accurate information.

Understand reason for Hair Fall

Understand reason for Hair Fall

Are you worried about your hair loss and what could be the reason causing it, Use our to read and understand the symptoms, causes and possible treatment for the hair fall.

Learn about various Skin problems

Learn about various Skin problems

Whether you are worried about itchy skin, dark patches or acne understand more by using our tool designed for skin problems, get an understanding of the diseases & learn from the detailed Wiki of Skin Disorders, Hair Disorders & Scalp Disorders.

Deep learning image classification

Disease symptoms medical knowledge

Machine learning past experience

Machine learning past experience
Final responses

Final response

Why Use Tibot

Many health systems around the world have invested heavily in the treatment of various diseases, but they still fall behind when it comes to finding ways to prevent them. Tibot introduces an integrated dermatology service as a preventive health medium that helps you stay on top of your skin health.

The Internals

Tibot uses the following 3 technologies internally

Deep Learning Image analysis

Deep Learning Image analysis

Tibot uses state-of-the-art deep neural networks to analyze a picture of the problem area and determine the probable problem. The network is trained on real life dermatology cases carefully collected by qualified medical professionals.

Medical Knowledge based analysis

Medical Knowledge based analysis

Tibot leverages the vast medical literature and dermatological research studies to relate the analyze of the image with the symptoms you are experiencing. Using this knowledge it is able to determine which probable condition a user might have.

Experience based analyze

Experience based analysis

Dermatologists attest that multiple skin conditions look similar, they utilize their experience in doing differential analysis and finding the problem. Tibot learns from past experience based on data which is labelled by experienced Doctors.

About Us

Tibot is a software application available in multiple formats like chatbot, mobile app etc which uses Artificial Intelligence. The goal of Tibot is to raise awareness about Skin conditions which users have so that they would seek medical advice from a skin care specialist for proper treatment.

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Our Team

Faisal Basar

Faisal Basar

CEO, Co-Founder

Shahid Bandarkar

Shahid Bandarkar

COO, Co-Founder

Md Sheikh Farid Milon

Farid Milon

COO, Bangladesh


Dr. Sharmila Patil

Dr. Sharmila Patil

Prof & HOD Dermatology
D Y Patil Medical College, Mumbai, India

Dr Aditya Mahajan

Dr. Aditya Mahajan

Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Mahajan’s Skin Care Clinic, India


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Our free skin online tool is available on web and on mobile device!

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