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STD triage

STD infection rates are spreading all across the world. India has successfully controlled the HIV epidemic with dedicated education programs. However, there are other STDs which are very dangerous, need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. STD is an infection that is spread through sexual contact, which is through vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. Some STDs may pass through contact with infected blood, needles or from infected mother to baby. STDs have always been associated with social stigma. So people suffer in silence instead of getting instant medical help even though many STD’s can be very painful and adversely affect the quality of life.

Although some STDs may not have obvious symptoms, there are certain suspicious symptoms which may point towards an STD. Such as;

  • Warts on genitals and surrounding skin
  • Sores or ulcers on genital area or surrounding anus
  • Vesicles or blisters in the genital area and around anus
  • Pain or irritation around genitals or anus

These STD’s which have very visible symptoms can be diagnosed with the help of pictures of the affected parts. Tibot.AI helps to avoid the stigma associated with STDs by getting you medical help anonymously. The goal is to reduce outbreaks and make them as painless as possible. You can submit photos of your affected parts to Tibot.AI which will do an immediate assessment using the latest artificial technology and give you the results in a few seconds. If the initial results are positive or you need further confirmation, you can get the opinion of a certified dermatologist for a small fee. The pictures and symptoms will be transferred to a dermatologist who will give her opinion and if needed prescription.

Our goal is to get you through the online diagnosis instantaneously and prescription process within a few hours so you can start your medication before your symptoms worsen. With Tibot.AI, there’s no waiting for an appointment. We have doctors on call, ready to review your photos, and provide you with a diagnosis and prescription on the spot. Prescription drugs can reduce your healing time from 2 to 3 weeks to as few as 5 to 7 days. By treating STDs the moment you have symptoms, you can minimize its disruption to your life. STDs such as Herpes need to be treated within 12 to 24 hours of developing symptoms which is very difficult if you wait for a doctor’s appointment.  So the time to go to Tibot.AI is as soon as you have a suspicion. The initial assessment is free, anonymous and takes a few seconds. You can download the Tibot.AI apps on your phones or visit the website

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