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Skin in the Fall Season

Skin in the Fall Season

With the change of the leaves in fall and winter, our skin also changes. Our skin is the outer-most part of our body. So, each and every change in weather affect our skin. People want to keep this part healthy looking, but it gets to be affected more than any other parts of the body. The fall weather can lead the skin to be dried up and feel to be itchy and rough for its cold and harsh weather. So our skin should be treated differently depending on the weather status.

Impact of fall weather

There are several properties of the fall weather which trigger negative effects on our skin. These are:

Dry and cold weather

The end of the summer creates some cold air which constitutes less humidity than warm weather. So, it creates the dryness and this dryness turn our skin dry and rough.

Harsher winds

The wind becomes harsher with the change of the season and this harsh weather can strip out natural lipids from the skin. This lipid acts as the barrier over the skin and protects the skin from any harm. When it has broken down, the skin has got a bad impact.

Hot and harsh air at home

The heat of the house gets also to be changed especially when it is a forced-air system. The use of a humidifier can work to keep the air of the house moisturized.

The toasty fire

People may find it comfortable to sit beside a fireplace, but the heat of the toasty fireplace can badly affect your skin by burning it. So, stay away from the fireplace at least in the fall season.

Hot water bath

Though the hot water bath can feel comfortable, it can negatively affect your skin. So, bathing with a lukewarm water will be better than hot water. In this case, the bathing time should not exceed 10 minutes.

Hot drinks in the fall

Everybody likes to have hot drinks at col fall weather, but it can affect our skin and dry up it. The caffeine always dries the skin from the inside. Alcohol shows the dehydrating effect on the skin. Rather we should always drink plenty of water. Instead of caffeine, chamomile or the herbal tea can work well for the skin.

Clothing effect

The clothes should not heavy as the weather do not turn to the coldest one. The heavy winter clothing in the fall weather can cause seating and affect your skin negatively. You can be caught for the itchy or irritated feeling in your skin. Soft cotton clothes are better in this season. If you need to wear warm cloth, then wear it over the soft cotton shirt or dress. Who have sensitive skin should wash their clothes with mild and hypoallergenic detergents.


People may think that the winter sun or the fall season sun cannot affect as the summer sun. but the thing is that the sun of the fall season can burn the skin enough to cause several skin diseases. So, sun protection should be taken in the fall season too. The heat of the sun may not be felt in this season, but it can damage our skin too.

So to keep your skin protected from the harsh effect of the fall season, you must take some measures.

Protection from the fall weather

Oiling inside and outside

Oil containing a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce the itchiness and dryness of the skin. Fish oil can work as this type of oil. You can get the oil supplementation doses from the dermatologist. It can be from 1000 to 2000 mg per day. Eating fresh-caught fish like salmon on a daily basis can work well in this case.

However, oil like Argan and the Marula can also work well by hydrating the skin. Only a few drops daily are enough to nourish our skin. There is also other quality oil found in the market to protect our skin in the bad weather.

Using the probiotic

Many reports proved that the use of the probiotics is beneficial for the skin nourishment. We can get it from certain dairy foods and the fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi or sauerkraut. But every type of dairy products is not good for our skin. Certain dairy food like the cheese, milk, yogurt etc. can cause the itchiness or the inflammation. These foods can cause the acne breakout. But other dairy products like almond milk or coconut milk is good for the skin.

Protection from the sunlight

The protection from the sunlight has no alternative in the case of skin protection. Almost all of the skin problems have the effect of sunlight more or less. So, we must protect our skin from the sun ray in every season. Using sunscreen, protective clothing will act well.

Drinking enough fluids

To keep our skin hydrated in the fall season, we must drink plenty of healthy fluids. People forget it as they do not feel thirsty like in the summer. But the weather condition of the fall season also needs enough water to hydrate our skin. Moreover, people should take water-rich foods and fruits like the leafy greens throughout the day.

Skin-nurturing acts

At the beginning of the fall season, various facial treatments like facial massage or complexion renewing facial. It will bolster the health of the skin and also improves the blood circulation of the skin.

People should not forget about their skin protection even in the fall season. They should take proper care to keep the skin hydrated and moisturize during this season too, because of the harsh effects of this season on our skin.





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5 years ago

Any season can affect our skin. So it’s important to always be ready and take care of our skin’s health.