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Remove Unwanted Tattoo

Remove Unwanted Tattoo


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A tattoo which has seemed a nice idea yesterday, it may become embarrassing today. So, when you want to remove your tattoo, you need not to worry, there are several ways to remove the unwanted tattoo.

Before going for the tattoo removal from your body, you need to clear some of your conceptions about what may happen during and after removing the tattoo. In general, all the procedures do not guarantee a full removal of tattoo from your body. The tattoo may fade partially or leave a scar on the skin. In this case, you may need to decide whether you want a cover-up or a partial tattoo. You have to be ready for several session of tattoo removing procedure as it takes multiple sessions. It needs 4 to 6 weeks between two sessions.

The success of removing tattoo procedure depends on various things like tattoo’s location, the age of the person and whether the tattoo was made by a professional or an amateur. Older tattoos removing is easy to remove than the newest one. Tattoo removing process may cause some side effects like scarring, burning, texture change of the skin, skin infections, and hyperpigmentation on the skin which darken or lighten the skin of the area. In the case of the laser tattoo removal process, people must avoid antibiotics because it may deteriorate the condition of the skin. The tattoo removing decision should be taken after knowing and thinking about all these. People must be prepared mentally and physically to adopt the problems which can appear after and during the process.

Tattoo Removal

With the advancement of science and technology, there are several soft and suitable tattoo removal process to go through. People can easily select one based on the type of their skin.

  • Laser Therapy

The most preferred tattoo removal process is laser therapy. It is the safest procedure which causes less side effects than other processes. This process use beam of high-intensity light to break the pigment of ink. The black ink removal is the easiest process than for the blue, red or yellow color. So, if you have only black color in your tattoo, you are lucky then. There two types of laser therapy system –passive system and active system.

The passive laser system is the cheapest system which can only fade the color not permanently clear the ink. People need to know the difference between the passive and the active Q-switched laser. The active laser process is the most effective process which can remove almost every color. It causes minimal side effects and if there are any effects like scarring, it heals in 6 to 12 months. Generally, 3 types of active laser are used to remove the tattoo and they are YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite. In some cases, more than one system of the active layer is used to get the full result.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

This system uses a broad spectrum of light to remove the upper layer of the skin. It breaks the ink’s pigments and then these pigments are absorbed in the bloodstream. The affected area can heal with the skin regeneration process naturally. This technique is good for large tattoos because this technique uses larger light beams. It is not suitable for the people who have sensitive skin that have the risk of losing the actual skin color.

  • Cryosurgery

This system is also used as skin cancer treatment. In the process of the tattoo removal, the inked area is freeze at first with the use of freezing agent like liquid nitrogen. Then the dermabrasion is used and it removes the upper layers of the skin. It is a painful process and so, anesthesia is used. This process has the risk of damaging the skin tissue of the affected area. This technique cannot remove the yellow and the green pigments. The cryosurgery is suitable for sensitive skin and so, doctors recommend this technique for them who have sensitive skin. This technique is used as the cosmetic surgery and to cover up the insurance policy as it is cheaper than the laser therapy.

  • Dermabrasion

This technique uses a high-speed brush or wheel to abrade the skin. Actually, the skin is sanded down in this process to extract the ink-stained part of the skin. As it is a painful process, general anesthesia is needed. This process is done in several sessions. The side effects like the infection of the skin and scarring are quite common for this technique.

As the home remedy for tattoo removal, many people use the process of rubbing the salt into the tattoo. But it is quite a dangerous technique. It can adversely affect the skin and cause a permanent rash and scar. Besides that, another home removal system for the tattoo is not effective at all. So, people should not try to remove their unwanted tattoo by rubbing any natural products.


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