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How many of us know that skin is the largest organ in our body? in terms of both weight as well as surface area and how many of us take utmost care of our skin?
Skin disorders differ greatly in terms of severity, symptoms, and appearance. Some come with pain, itching, while some are painless. Some arise due to whether weather or allergens, while others are simply genetic. Some skin conditions are less severe, and others can endanger life. While most of the skin disorders are minor, but others can signal something more serious therefore learning and knowing about proper skin care and treatment for skin disorders can be very important for skin health
Is your skin, covered with red patches or rashes, or itchy and burning? Do you find any strange spots or change in color/texture? Are they affecting your appearance? Some skin conditions require the attention of a doctor, while others can be addressed safely at home. One should know about the symptoms and conditions before taking a step for the treatment.

Importance of Early Diagnosis: Every successful treatment begins with the accurate skin analyze, it is the first step in the treatment cycle which enables us to detect early symptoms of skin problems and take an appropriate measure towards the treatment.
In today’s 21st century, where people are busy in the rat race, ignoring the early symptoms or paying less attention towards the health is nothing to amaze about. The reason may be a very busy schedule or difficulty in finding advice appointment with the doctor due to strict office hours. It can also be that some women being from a very conservative family, feel embarrassed to expose themselves or their inner parts of the body to the doctors, especially to male doctors.

Technology to the rescue: It is- said that the technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means making people try to do everything at ease. Like every other industry, healthcare has evolved with a stream of innovations helping to improve the overall well-being of society.
One such advancement in the field of dermatology is skin analyze online. With an effort to ease and increase the early detection of skin condition, researchers have come up with a skin analyze app using which one can check the condition of the skin online using just a mobile phone. The major advantage is that the patient need not visit the doctor physically for the primary examination and get a thorough idea about the skin condition, symptoms, causes, the severity of the condition, treatment recommendation, whether to visit a doctor or when to visit a doctor.

skin care

skin care

In online skin analyze, a computer-based algorithm is developed, which does an Automatic analyze of the skin diseases and make diagnostic decisions, helping the patient to determine the skin condition. The above-said algorithm requires an intelligent and smart method by which a diseased skin can be distinguished from other diseased skin and normal skins with a good rate of accuracy. Such skin analyze apps can prove a boon to a mankind.

AI for online Dermatology: Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has come a long way making remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry. It solves the problem by using machine learning algorithms that would be able to make the diagnostic decision to a good degree of accuracy.
The AI-based applications emerging in dermatology basically work on following two concepts

Image analyze: The applications use machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision to analyze images to predict the probable skin condition by comparing the images uploaded with the mammoth data fed into the system.

Treatment Personalization: Based on the probable diagnosis of the skin condition the recommendation engines advise suitable skincare treatment based on user’s skin type that may be a medicine, a therapy, or a visit to doctor depending upon the severity of the condition.

Your Skin condition can be checked with three easy steps:
1. Click/upload image of the skin
2. Answer the questions followed by the image
3. Get the condition of your skin with the recommendation
These Online Skin analyze online apps are generally free for the users which not only helps to diagnose the primary skin condition but also helps the users to keep the track of the progress of the skin during the course of treatment.

Apart from the skin analyze, these applications have add-on features:
• Whether to or when should you visit a doctor
• Book appointment with Doctor
• Order Medicines
• Online Consultation with Dermatologists
• Order skin care products recommended by the system
• Reminders about the treatment dates and appointment
• Skin disease Dictionary explaining causes, Symptoms, and treatments for various skin diseases.

The skin care diagnostic tool is taking a leap in the field of dermatology making it easy and handy for the patients to identify skin rash, and other skin disorders online right from their home. There is no more reason to ignore skin problems due to busy schedules, unavailability of doctors inability to find an appointment.
People can use skin analyze online apps to diagnose and treat any skin condition to ensure that their lifestyle is not affected. When facing a severe condition, it is important for people to team up with a doctor or dermatologist to get advice and treatment for the skin disorder.

skin analyze app

skin analyze app

The consumer health technologies and self-skin diagnosis tools have the potential to strengthen the connection between patient and dermatologists improving the health outcomes as it becomes easy for the patient to keep a record of the skin condition just by mere clicking images and the physician can go through the images at his convenience and advise the course of therapy or drugs saving his and patients time.

“Value-based care is the right step towards quality-focused care. Value is measured by either improvement in (1) quality of life or (2) length of life for the patient. The individual patient’s perception of these two measures is a major factor in the determinant of value, allowing the patient to be a vital member of the care team. Therefore, the success of value-based care depends on doctor-patient communication.”
Dr. Simon Lorenz

Healthy skin

Healthy skin

One has to be an equal partner with the doctor in taking care of their skin right from Diagnosis, treatment till the recovery as beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare.

Understand about your skin online, for free with our AI app, visit us and learn about your skin condition now.

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