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Lupus is a Serious Skin Disease Which We Know a Little

Lupus is a Serious Skin Disease Which We Know a Little


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Lupus Erythematosus is a serious skin condition that cannot be cured completely. People know very little about lupus disease. It is actually, an auto-immune disease which means that the immune system of the body attacks the healthy skin cells by misunderstanding the cells to be diseased. It can affect many important parts of the body. Young women get affected by these diseases mostly.

The symptoms occur by the inflammatory swelling. Symptoms vary from mild to severe and it can be different for different people. Symptoms vary from the flare-ups to the remission of the skin of the affected area. Besides, other symptoms of lupus are fatigue, hair loss, fever, rashes, pulmonary problems, and swollen joints. It can also cause thyroid problems, dry mouth, dry eyes, and gastrointestinal problems.

Lupus erythematosus on trunkCauses of Lupus Erythematosus

The autoimmune issues are the cause for the lupus formation. Healthy tissues of the skin are attacked by the immune cells by mistake. This problem generally occurs due to genetic and environmental issues. It appears on the skin of those people who have the inherited predisposition for lupus when people get in contact with the lupus-triggering matters. Potential lupus-triggering facts are:

  • Infections

Lupus will occur if people have any infections causing a relapse. Who is susceptible to get caught by lupus genetically, easily get attacked by lupus when they have such infections.

  • Sun exposure

Long-term sunlight exposure can trigger lupus lesions who have an internal response previously.

  • Medicines

Particular medicines like medicines of blood pressure like anti-seizure medicines and antibiotics. Patients of drug-induced lupus should stop taking such medicines which trigger lupus. The symptoms may stay even after stopping medicines an in this case, further treatment should be taken.

Factors regarding effecting lupus

There are some factors which need to be considered which can trigger the risk of lupus. These factors are:

  • Age of the patient

Though people of almost all ages can be affected by lupus, most of the patients of lupus are from 15 years old to 45 years old.

  • Sex of the patient

Women are more susceptible to get affected by lupus than men.

  • Race of the patient

People of African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American are susceptible to get caught by lupus.

Lupus complications

We should have proper knowledge about lupus because it can cause a lot of serious complications in our body. Major body parts can be affected by lupus.

  • Kidneys

A serious kidney damage can be occurred by lupus which can lead even the death.

  • Brain

Lupus can affect the brain which can cause dizziness, behavior changes, headaches, vision problem and it can cause even seizures or strokes. It can lead to memory problems and also to having difficulty expressing their thoughts.

  • Blood vessels

When blood vessels are attacked by lupus, many problems occur regarding blood like blood clotting, anemia, and even bleeding. Inflammation occurs on the blood vessels.

  • Lungs

When lupus affects the lungs, it increases the possibilities of inflammation to occur in the cavity lining of the chest. It can cause breathing problem. It can also cause pneumonia and even bleeding onto lungs.

  • Heart

For lupus attack, inflammation occurs in the arteries of the heart, in the heart membrane, and in the heart muscle. For this inflammation, the chances of heart attack increases and the risk of cardiovascular disease also increase.

  • Infections

Infection becomes common for the lupus attack and even for the treatments procedures as it weakens the immune system of the body.

  • Cancer

The risk of cancer increases with the lupus attack.

  • Death of the bone tissues

When lupus attacks the blood, it reduces the blood supply to the bone. It breaks tiny bones and leads to the collapse of bones.

  • At pregnancy

The risk of miscarriage increases for the lupus attack. It can increase the blood pressure and can lead to the born of premature babies. Doctors suggest adopting delay pregnancy after controlling lupus.


Lupus is treated by anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen. For the fatigue and joint and skin problems, hydroxychloroquine is used. For the kidney inflammation and rashes, steroid tablets, creams, and injections.  Recently, two new medicines- rituximab and belimumab are effectively used to treat chronic lupus.

Lupus patients should maintain several matters to control the effect and severity of this disease. These are:

  • Eating a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables.
  • Trying to stay active by walking, swimming or physical work and also taking proper rest.
  • Trying to be relaxed by stress diminishing techniques like meditation or yoga.
  • Using all the sun protection during sunlight exposure.
  • Quitting smoking for lupus inflammation.
  • Avoiding sunlight and also the fluorescent lights

People need to treat lupus immediately as it attacks the internal parts of our body mostly.

Analyze Lupus

Use our Skin Symptom Checker to find what is causing Lupus on your Skin

Lupus is a Serious Skin Disease Which We Know a Little—————————————————————————————————————————————–

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