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Know the Causes of Warts and possible Treatment 

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Though common warts are the non-cancerous benign skin disease, some of the warts can become cancerous. So, you should be careful about this skin condition. Though most warts are curable without any treatment, it takes a very long time from 1 year to even 5-years and the most dangerous thing is that larger warts can turn to the cancerous skin condition. So, patients should check at least once to confirm its type- cancerous or not. 

Causes of Wart’s Appearance 

Warts are formed for the rapid growth of the keratin on the upper layers of the skin in excess. These warts are formed for the infection caused by the local growth of human papillomavirus (HPV). These viruses are of different kinds and which infect the genital and the oral mucosa, are, usually, responsible for cancerous warts. These cancerous warts are formed by the large masses on the skin. 

Warts are generally small growth like a solid blister or a very small cauliflower. Common types of warts are flat arts, plantar warts, and the pigmented warts. When they look like black dots, they can bleed as they are forms from the blood vessels. 

Contagious Nature 

It is a contagious disease. So, patients should be very careful about it so that it cannot affect others or other parts of their body. Doctors and nurses should be careful too while they take care of wart patients. Due to this contagious nature, warts spread out to the whole body of the patients even though only one part of their body got affected by the scratching, sucking fingers or biting a wart, and shaving the area of face or legs. Warts can pass through contact with towels. The nature of genital warts is more contagious than others. Some professions like handling meats can increase the possibilities of getting warts.  

Some warts which form on, around or in the genitals are seriously dangerous. For women, it can lead to cervical cancer, anal cancer, and also vulvovaginal cancer. For the men, it can form cancer at the glans penis an also lead to anal cancer. So, genital cancer should be treated soon. 

Try to Prevent It 

People who are susceptible to catch it, should be careful and follow some manners for not attacked by warts. These are: 

  • Try not to get in contact with wart patients 
  • Try not to use other’s personal items like towels, washcloths or other things. 
  • Try not to share shoes and socks. 
  • Try not to scratch existing wars so that it cannot spread out. So, try not to brush, comb, shave in warts’ areas
  • Try to wear sandal in pools and showers 
  • Try to keep warts dry by using waterproof cover while bathing. 
  • Try not to cut affected nails with the same utensils. 

Treatments for Warts 

Warts can be treated in different ways like- natural home-made treatments, medicinal treatments, surgical treatments, and other treatments. 

  • Natural Treatments 

Natural treatments are good for non-cancerous warts. 

Toad: Rubbing dusty and dry toad on the warts is the ancient way to treat this condition naturally. It works well. 

Hypnosis technique: Many reports showed that there is a good effect of the hypnosis process on the wart removal. Though the effectiveness is not yet proved, it can reduce the severity of warts by stimulating the immune system against the virus’ activity.  

Garlic use: The antiviral activity of garlic can stop the growth of the virus and thus can remove warts. Generally, the chloroform garlic is used to be applied on warts and it can remove arts within 3 to 4 months. 

Duct tape: the use of duct tape is proved to be effective to reduce warts. In the process, a duct tape is placed on warts for about 6 days. Then warts are soaked in the water and rubbed by a pumice stone to leave it for a day like this. This process can remove 85% warts if repeated for 2 months regularly. 

Other Treatments 

All the treatments for warts irritate the skin and stimulate the immunity of the body to fight the virus. 

  • Salicylic acid 

Salicylic acids are provided by the use of over-the-counter creams, gels, Band-Aids, and paints. After applying it, warts need to keep protected, maybe, by the use of petroleum jelly or corn plaster. Salicylic acid cannot be applied on the face.  

  • Cryotherapy 

Frozen nitrogen liquid spray can destroy the wart cells. After forming the blister, warts fall off in a week. This therapy needs to be done by professional hands and system on doctor’s suggestion.  

There are such propane spray or dimethyl-ether spray for self-use. But this cannot be used on the face skin. 

  • Surgery 

In the case of warts, surgery is not a common treatment as it can cause a negative impact on warts. On the doctor’s suggestion, the patient can undergo a permanent removal of warts by the surgery under local anesthesia. Topical cream may be needed to use even after surgery. 

  • Laser Therapy 

To destroy warts a precise laser beam is used on them. 

  • Cantharidin 

In this process, cantharidin, made of an extract from blister beetle insect, is applied on warts and then kept them covered with a bandage. A blister is formed with which warts are removed. 

  • Candida Antigen Shots 

In this process, to activate the normal immune system of the body, the wart formation is stimulated to a certain stage. This system is safe and no scarring is formed. This process is not supported for the pregnant people. 

Besides all of these treatments, some other treatments are also used like bleomycin to destroy the viruses, retinoid to stop the wart growth, antibiotics for infections and immunotherapy to stimulate the immune system of the body which can destroy warts.


Understand Wart Condition

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