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How to select the best moisturizers for Eczema skin?

How to choose moisturizer based on skin type

Moisturizing makes you a better person isn’t it? But one does not simply pick any moisturizer to apply it on their skin. This is because every skin type differs and so does the moisturizers, though there are some common ones that suit multiple skin types. In this article, we shall have a look at the type of moisturizers that are available in the market. In the end, we shall also look at the most used or most popular moisturizers, rated by the users.

What are moisturizers?

Moisturizer is nothing but a preparation that is intended to protect, improve and lubricate skin especially the dry skin. This function is carried by the sebum in normal and healthy skin. Usually, people tend to use moisturizer and emollient interchangeably, though both terms define the same thing, there is a very thin line of difference between them. Emollient basically describes an ingredient within a finished moisturizer.

How do moisturizers work?

Moisturizers generally contain either or all these ingredients which are either occlusive or humectant. Occlusive ingredients block the loss of water from the skin by forming a physical barrier at the outer layer of the skin. Humectant agents attract water to the skin by forming a hydrogen bond with the water molecule. The emollient in the moisturizer helps in transforming skin to smooth and soft by filling the gaps between the cell.

Kinds of moisturizers

General types of moisturizers include lotions, creams, ointments, bath oils and or substitutes of soap. Petroleum is one of the most effective ones and others include castor oil, cocoa butter, etc.

Difference between Lotion, Cream, and Ointment

Lotions: A lotion is a low viscosity topical preparation intended for application to the skin. Since it has higher water content than creams and ointments, it is more liquid and can be applied easily to external skin

Creams: A cream is a preparation used for application to the skin. Creams are semisolid emulsions (a mixture of more than one liquid that is normally immiscible) like water and oil.

Ointment: Ointment is a semisolid preparation usually containing medicinal substances, which is intended for external application to the skin.

Choosing Best Moisturizers

Selecting a moisturizer depends a lot on your skin and somewhat on the time of the year. You have got to have a clear understanding of what skin type you have.

Best Moisturizers for your skin type

Dry Skin:

How to Identify a dry skin: The skin feels tight and the person may experience scaly patches or flakes

Cause: Often caused by harsh winter conditions or a skin condition like Atopic Dermatitis commonly known as Eczema

What to look for in a moisturizer: If you have dry skin look for a moisturizer that is loaded with heavy hydrating ingredients ceramides, hyaluronate, shea butter. Ingredients like glycerine and Lanolin also help in attracting and locking your skin moisture.

Oily skin:

How to identify an oily skin: Skin appears Oily

Cause: When skin is dehydrated, it will often overcompensate by producing even more oil making the skin oily

What to look for in Moisturizer: If your skin type is oily excess oil can clog your pores. Look for oil-free, non-comedogenic (that doesn’t clog pores) lightweight moisturizers. If you have acne look for non-acnegenic ones. Once your skin is moisturized enough your skin may stop producing excess oil.

Combination Skin:

How to identify a combination skin: Person may experience dryness on the cheeks and Jawlines but oily in the T – Zone that includes a forehead, nose, and chin.

Cause: Most common ones are Genetics and Stress

What to look for in Moisturizer: As you have combination skin that has the feature of both dry and oily skin you have to look for a moisturizer that’s not too heavy but is still substantial enough to help your skin retain moisture where it needs it. Apply more moisturizer to typically dry areas such as the cheeks and jawline and less to the naturally oily T-zone of your forehead and nose.

Sensitive Skin:

How to identify a sensitive skin: Your skin easily gets irritated by different factors such as beauty products, temperatures, pollutants, etc

Cause: Skin Barrier Dysfunction, Skin Allergies, Skin condition like Eczema are the common ones

What to look for in Moisturizer: You got to be really careful while selecting a moisturizer for your skin type. Because any unnoticed ingredients in the moisturizer may exacerbate your allergy leading to symptoms such as redness, itching, etc. opt for a fragrance-free hypoallergic moisturizer that contains as little as possible ingredients or which is gentle and contains natural ingredients.
Remember fewer ingredients = less chance of skin getting irritated.

To know the people’s opinion about the type and brand of Eczema moisturizer that kind of suits and works for them we conducted a short poll.

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