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Our free skin consultation online tool is available on web and on mobile device. It is available on Android, iOS and web


Step 1 of 9: Download and Install the App (You can also use the web app without downloading it)

Step 2 of 9:Login with Google or Facebook or Manual Sign up

Step 3 of 9: Home (Click Analyze Now)

Step 4 of 9: Upload your skin image (where your problem appear) and provide AI asked questions answer

Step 5 of 9: Chat end and view Result

Step 6 of 9: For Consult Doctor (Our Doctor’s are Certified Dermatologist) need to provide additional information and select country & dermatologist

Step 7 of 9: Payment Completed and after couple of hours view the Doctor’s Report

Step 8 of 9: Delete your case
Click “Past Cases” from Home

From Case Management Screen click on “Case Details” from Doctor Verified or Regular  case tab


From Case Details page, Click Delete icon as shown below and on pop up of delete confirmation, click “Yes” to delete the case permanently

Step 9 of 9: Delete your Account
Please Email us to and let us know your registered Email to delete your account permanently